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26th January 2011 - We saw Mums client yesterday and found out the truth about Tula's puppies - I am not the Daddy - no spotty pups amongst them! Phew!!

18th January 2011 - No news on the Tula puppies yet - Mum hasn't been over to see the client since before Xmas, but is planning on going next week - fingers crossed for news then.

6th January 2011 - Over the Christmas holidays Mum and Aunty Jools took Winnie and I up the park and guess who we bumped into - only my son Chipper! He is brilliant, with ears like Boots (his Mum the Springer) and eyes like me (see the picture on the left). We chased each other round and round the park for ages - he's definitely a 'chip' off the ol' block!

3rd January 2011 - A very happy New Year to everyone! I have been banned from going anywhere near Dad at the moment as he had a hernia operation on New Years Eve and has got stitches in his belly button. Mum and I have even been sleeping on the sofa to avoid me jumping on his tummy accidentally during the night - bit of a relief really as we don't get the snoring! (Well apart from mine and Mums snoring that is!!)

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