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13th February 2011 - I must confess to having a huge crush on Winnie, alongside a healthy dollop of fear - she's a bit scary, but very regal. After a long walk on Sunday with the aforementioned love of my life, Mum and Jools decided to go home for a coffee.

On our arrival Winnie got straight into my bed - well I certainly wasn't going to argue with her, and lets face it, there is a certain kudos to getting the gorgeous beast into my bed, even if it isn't quite in the way I dream of!

12th February 2011 - Had a choice today - a nice walk around Toadsmoor with Mum and Katy or watching rugby in the pub with Dad and John - guess which one I picked! After a good romp I got some snooze time while Mum and Katy went bridemaid dress shopping.

Must say that the rugby was obviously exhausting as by 9.00pm both Dad and John were snoring their heads off on the sofa - lightweights or what!

4th February 2011 - Went to visit Kate and John last weekend and met Johns brother Tim and his missus Clare. As Mum wanted to go try wedding dresses on with Aunty Katy (for Kate not Mum!!) it was suggested that Tim and Clare take me out.

What they didn't tell me is that Tim is just back from Afghanistan and Clare is running the marathon this year - they are both very fit. A full out gallop for over an hour is what ensued...not a little jog, but full tilt sprinting! For over an hour! (Did I already mention that?!)

Needless to say, that the picture shows the state of me once we got back - and I pretty much stayed in that position all night!! Hope they are visiting next time we go there - I like them lots.

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