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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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26/09/10 -
Invited to a very posh afternoon tea yesterday afternoon, by Margaret in Bisley. Mum put on her best jacket (which cost about the same as 15 sacks of dog food!), her high heels and her best posh accent. The party was full of the Bisley elite, including Jilly Cooper and her beloved greyhound Feather. Lucky for Mum I took her lead and didn't let the side down - no pooping in the middle of the lawn and no trying to get amorous with Feather - I was angelic if I say so myself. If Margaret wasn't moving to Scotland I'm sure we'd get invited again!

24/09/10 -
We had a really long day working today and left our last customer at 6pm. Mum decided that a quick run around Toadsmoor was in order and then she was looking forward to a hot bath and a gin and tonic. Slight problem being that I managed to have a perfect walk...flushed loads of phessie-wezzies, rolled in something unmentionable which made me go bright yellow and smell delightful, and had a swim in the lake. However, the swim was not enough to remove the unmentionable, so when we got home Mum had to give me a bath first, then blow dry me, then clean the bathroom, before finally getting her desire of a hot bath and gin and tonic about 8pm. For some strange reason she was not best pleased with me, but I just can't understand why at all - I mean if anyone should have had the hump it should have been me - I did have to have a rotten old bath after all!!!

20/09/10 -
Jumping break watersSailing awayMum actually took a whole 2 days off last week and we went for a wee holiday to visit Aunty Katy and Uncle John. I had a great time on the beach, and even met up with Mad Daisy May to play with the boats. We had a lovely time and I am now recovering from all that beach air. Mum on the other hand still hasn't recovered from all the drink they put away and she ate so much food she almost burst!

14/09/10 -
Our new feathered friendIt was all going on at our house this weekend - I have had to nickname Mum 'Dr Doolittle'. Not because she 'does little' you understand, let me explain...upon returning home on Saturday she found a little bird sat on the path with his head under his wing, looking very sorry for himself. Now we have an abundance of cats around here, despite my best efforts to keep them out of the garden, so Mum was worried that our little feathered friend would get eaten. Very carefully she put him in a box with all the paper from her shredder, a bowl of water and some bread - she then covered the top with a tea towel and place him carefully in the hall. It was my job to look after him while she went shopping, which I hasten to add I did extremely well - not disturbing him at all. When she returned we had a peek in the box and he didn't look injured, and his eyes were bright, so Mum concluded that he had obviously flown into something and temporarily stunned himself. So we took him into the garden and removed the cover. After about 5 minutes he woke up and promptly flew straight into the side of the house - daft bird - so we picked him up again and set him down gently on a branch. After about 10 minutes he flew up onto the roof, so Mum decided that he was probably safe enough there and off we went up the field in search of a big fat juicy worm for him - which we duly found. When we got back we attempted to get the worm close to him, but he didn't seem interested and flew off. Phew - at least he didn't hit anything this time! The really weird thing was about 2 hours later Dad called Mum into the lounge, and there on the window sill peering in was the little green finch - he looked at Mum, tilted his head to one side in a sort of salute, and then flew off. Almost like he was saying "I feel better now thanks".

05/09/10 -
Boots, my lady, RIPReally sad news, my lovely girlfriend Boots, who had my nine puppies recently, has died after being hit by a car. We are absolutely gutted as she really was a lovely lady, and made some really gorgeous puppies.

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