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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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29/11/10 -
I have icicles on my tail and am having great fun hiding up the field - Mum can't see my white coat against all the frost! Am also making sure I get right in between Mum and Dad on the bed at night so I stay nice and toastie - for some reason this annoys Dad who claims he has no duvet, but I think he's exaggerating...he loves me really.

21/11/10 -
What a clever WestieWe visited Uncle Simon and Auntie Tess the other day - and I have to say that there has been a transformation of the mad dog Daisy May since she moved in with them. Mum used to call her The Terrorist but she has not only learnt some manners (no pooh rolling or yapping constantly), but she's also gone all intellectual! This is a snap of her at Uncle Simons book club - very refined!!

18/11/10 -
Have got myself in a spot of trouble...Mum was cleaning at one of her regular clients who had a friend and her little Jack Russell lady Tula staying. The friend didn't realise that Tula was in season, and I disappeared with Tula for about two hours before she left to go home. Tula is now with pup according to the vet, but she did also get a little too friendly with a Border Terrier the next day - so Mum has no idea if I got in there first or whether she was a little too short for me to reach. As Mum told her client, as my DNA is quite strong, there will be no doubt if the pups are mine as they will all look like me...we have 2 months to wait! Who's the Daddy?

08/11/10 -
Charity necklaceWe are loving this fab Claudia Bradby necklace which has been designed especially to help the charity Canine Partners - 20% of all sales go to the charity which is pretty cool. The press release about it gives more information and Mum is busy saving up - but seeing as she spent rather a lot of money on a new jacket the other day it may be a while before she can get her paws on one.

04/11/10 -
Hard working cocker spaniel - not!Whilst decorating the bedroom the other day Mum came across a romantic token from Dad on top of the wardrobe, and gave it to me - meet Love Bug, my new fave toy. Now I know that serious working cockers don't normal show such soppy displays, but I find Love Bug is the perfect pillow to rest my weary head after hard toil, although in fairness this was taken first thing in the morning and all I had done was jump off my bed and onto the sofa.

01/11/10 -
RagapumpkinHappy Halloween, so OK it was yesterday, but Mum had already had two gin & tonics by the time it was dark enough to take this picture, so we had to wait until this morning for her to be sober enough to update the blog! Aunty Keren is a genius pumpkin cutter and made this fantastic pumpkin of me - just call me Ragapumpkin instead of Ragamuffin me thinks - totally brilliant!

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