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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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25/05/10 -
Sprocker puppies 3 weeks oldWell the drive at the weekend was as horrendous as expected - we were stationery on the M4 for an hour and a half, not good in that heat I can tell you. Lucky for me Mum had brought along plenty of water and even put the air conditioning on (normally she's too tight to waste the petrol!!). We took Grandma for an ice cream on the beach and then headed off to Aunty Traceys. Cute faceAbbey, her daughter, sings in a really good school choir and they were performing at a musical event at the local church - Aunty Tracey roped Mum into going along with her to support Abbey.....well Abbey was fantastic, but the rest of it was grim - some quartet called the Barnham A Cappella sang 16 songs...each one more awful than the last! Mum and Tracey required rather a lot of wine
when they got back - glad churches don't let dogs in! We Mr Pieman - my favealso popped in to see my puppies on our return home, so latest pictures are here - they actually look like puppies now rather than rug-rats - paws crossed that Mum doesn't get tempted, I don't fancy having to share her. The one at the top is definitely a chip off the old block - I still sleep like that now!

22/05/10 -
Off to Chichester for the weekend to visit Grandma - its a beautiful sunny day which means a hot car and nightmare traffic all heading for the beach - hey ho - we may just get there before nightfall!

16/05/10 -
The Crazies came up for the weekend - Mums niece Katy and her fella John. I always love their visits as it means a huge walk and lots of cuddles. We walked all the way to the pub at Bisley - some 6 odd miles, which took forever due to Ma's dodgie tummy (too much wine the night before) and Aunty Katys groin strain. Fortunately us boys managed to entertain ourselves along the way.
Also visited my puppies - they have really grown in 2 weeks and have opened their eyes.

Boys with toysKnackered girlsSprocker puppySprocker puppy tooLots of Sprocker puppies

Sprocker puppiesBREAKING NEWS.....Boots my girlfriend has had nine - yes that's 9 - puppies. Mum and pups all doing well, and this picture is the first of many. So if anyone out there has a hankering for a Raggsie puppy, these gorgeous Sprocker pups are going to be available in 8 weeks for the bargain sum of £300.

01/05/10 -
Dogs in Parliament - DIPWe had a great email sent in of a political bent which made us chuckle and gave Mum a stupid idea for another 'photo of Rags looking like a wally'.
So here I am with my election rosette, trying to drum up a few votes - the transcript of the email is below..


The world demands to know how you, Rags, as the leader of the DIP party ( Dogs In Parliament) stand on the vexed question of free issue poop bags. This as you know is at the forefront of both local and national canine exchanges and your opinion is keenly awaited by the media.

Do not paws in your efforts but lead us to collar all that we can


Just for the record, I advocate free dog poop bags for all, but not made out of plastic as they are not friendly - but made from something which breaksdown nicely and perhaps has a nice perfumed beef bone smell about them - Rags, leader of the DIP - vote for me on May 6th!!

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