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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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28/07/10 -
My paw has healed well and the bandages are all off now. I was a dog hero though, these cats may have a reputation for being difficult to give pills to but I have surpassed even the most difficult cat - I have led Mum a merry dance twice a day with her trying desperately to get me to take the pills and me spitting them back out again. She tried disguising them in chicken and cheese to no avail. Finally she would prise my mouth open, through the rotten things into the back of my throat and grip my muzzle - then she would wave a bit of lamb in front of my nose - forcing me to swallow in order to then get the tasty morsel being offered. Bit devious me thinks!

21/07/10 -
After soaking my paw in warm salty water for a few days it has not improved so off to the dog doctors for me. It turns out I have ripped my claw which has got infected, if the infection has got into my joint they will have to remove my toe. So its another operation for me....

Later - after an x-ray and a claw removal the good news is that I still have my toe, phew!

18/07/10 -
Mum had a job down in Somerset today and its on a farm with loads of lovely walks all around. By mid-afternoon she needed a break so we went for a tromp through the rape fields, which was really good fun as I could weave in and out of the plants sniffing out interesting things but Mum couldn't see where I was - so we played hide and seek for about half an hour. I did however manage to hurt my paw in the process and its so sore I won't even let Mum look at it.

10/07/10 -
Tamworth PigsThe Tamworth piggies have had some babies, so we went along to say hello. They are very inquisitive and friendly but the big ones are a bit scarey and make lots of snorty noises which I don't understand. I keep a safe distance the right side of the stile, in fact, so does Mum - I think they make her nervous too!

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