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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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19/01/10 -
Joey in the DordogneI have had my first missive from the French Connection, namely my mate Joey who moved to Le Dordogneshire recently. Below is an extract from his email to me...

"Strange things happen here!!, but the food is fantastic and 3 times a day!!!! The house where we have settled comes with two cats -the small black one is alright but the other one is a Cats are OKbit bossy!!! Never mind, you should see the market, food everywhere.... I will send you some pictures and let you know how we are doing here soon, but now I have to go as it is already 12.30 and it's food time again!!!!.... A bientot. " - Joey

I did have to correct some of the spelling so that you could understand it but seeing as he's french I'll let him off! I must confess that I have really missed him since he moved, we used to bump into each other often up the fields and its much quieter up there now.

06/01/10 -
What do you mean I have to come in now!?We have got at least 10 inches of snow - ace! I love snow, I love tracking all the smells and I even like gathering snowballs on my legs (The hairdryer blasts them all off when we get indoors again!). When we went up the fields at lunchtime there wasn't a soul about so we had the whole place to ourselves which was lovely. I have even mastered the art of catching snowballs without breaking them! Plus Mum is stuck at home, so I have had extra snuggles all day, doggy heaven if you ask me.

Cocker Catcher Making a snowman Alert snow cocker spaniel Play time

01/01/10 -
Happy New Year everyone - hope you had a good one. However, we have a red alert...Ollie, my pen pal, was poorly over Christmas and it turns out that adding onion gravy to his kibble was poisoning him! Onion is toxic to dogs - go figure! We didn't know that either - so take care fellow hounds and stop eating onions immediately, they are definitely not good for you.

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