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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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28/12/10 -
warm and cozy cockerGot a fab new coat for Christmas - and at last Mum took into account that I don't want to look like a muppet in front of my mates up the field - so this is an indoor coat so no-one gets to see me in it. The idea is that when we get home from a romp, I slip into the coat and dry quicker and as my body temperature drops I stay nice and warm. I love it lots but do look a bit of a greyhound in it!

22/12/10 -
Things are looking bleak here as we are snowed in and under. Christmas down south is probably off and Mum only has baked beans in the cupboard. Mum can't get to any of our customers, so slobbing about in the house moaning, but I love all this snow. I have snow up my nose and snowballs on my bum - brilliant!

17/12/10 -
Christmas CockerHave a great Christmas everyone - thanks for your message Ollie and hope you get lots of bones. We are a bit humbug this year as Mums got too much work on and not enough hours to put decorations up - Dads moaning about spending Xmas Day in the old folks home with Grandma...I think turkey through a straw sounds OK!!

04/12/10 -
Snow LoonyUs dogs are noble, distinguished animals and as such we expect a certain amount of decorum to be shown by our humans (especially in front of other dogs!). For me this is not quite the case, and it is getting worse. Not only is Mum a total nutty fruitcake, but she is obviously training her neice - my Aunty Katy - in the art of embarrassing behaviour. I mean I know that Aunty Katy doesn't see much snow as she lives near the sea on the South Coast, however, such unadulterated excitment as exhibted in the picture is really just too much - OK if you are 5 but she is 32! I am praying that all the snow has disappeared from round here before her next visit - I can't cope with her and Mum acting like loonies - my street cred is tenuous enough in our doggy neighbourhood as it is!

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