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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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19/08/10 -
Call Puppyline quick, we had dog abuse of the worst order this morning. The Muppets song came on the radio and Mum started singing along to it - she thought that the fact I went loopy was because I was enjoying being serenaded - truth be told I couldn't get my paws in my ears quick enough to blot it out! Help!

16/08/10 -
Domestic DoggessIt could only happen to my Mum - she has just employed a new chap to help with her cleaning business and after three days he has a massive asthma attack - turns out he's allergic to household dust! Not a lot of help when your a domestic cleaner really! Luckily he has recovered, but Mum's got to find someone else a bit quick. I did offer to tie a duster around my tail and help, but couldn't figure out how I'd manage mopping. Guess I'm just not a Domestic Doggess!!

09/08/10 -
Toby - my friend - RIPSad news, my lovely friend Toby has passed on to doggie heaven. He was such a lovely boy, and had a real thing for me, always trying to jump on me when we met, and crying if we passed his garden and he saw me. He was a grand old age, but I shall still miss him. Me and Mum are thinking of his family, and want to send a salute to a really terrific dog.

01/08/10 -
We have had a horrendous few weeks here - Mum has been very stressed because her computer blew up. Well it didn't actually blow up, it just sent her a nasty message telling her she had imminent hard drive failure. Apparently thats pretty much the same thing. Me and Dad have kept a very low profile while she tried to save all her data, buy and install a new computer and then get everything she needed onto it. The air was blue with words which cannot be repeated on a dog friendly site and it took her over three weeks to get it sorted.

In fact we definitely have the broken things gremlin staying at our house at the moment. First the computer, then the shower started going hot and cold, then Mums steam cleaner went capput, I've spent most of the last 2 months incurring huge vets bills, Dads car's broken, the fridge packed up and worst of all, the string came off my throw ball!

Apologies that the blog has not been updated, Mum has back dated some entries to catch you up with June and July, so check out the archive. Normal service should now be resumed.

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