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10/11/09 -
Day at the beachLoads has been happening here, I almost don't know where to start! We went down to visit Grandma and I had a great run with Daisy May on the beach. She is like a different dog now - Uncle Simon has been watching the Dog Whisperer, and is now an expert in teaching wayward dogs who is the boss - seems to be working too!

Cockers love waterI also had a go at bonking his friends working cocker girl too while we were there - I was well up for it too but every time I got close she would growl and snarl (hardly a come on is it!) - trouble is we had to come home on Sunday and typically she wasn't ready until Monday when she stood quite happily for another dog. Thwarted yet again!

Then this weekend we had Kate and John down for the weekend and that always means good long walks for me - this time we tried Coley Hill which has fab views all across the River Severn and the Forest of Dean. I did notice however that we spent far longer in the pub than we did on the walk - served them all right when they had headaches on Sunday morning!

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