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May generally -
Huge apologies to all my fans, but May has been a write off month for fun and frolics. A really good friend of Mum and Dads - and mine too, went to the docs with a pain in his side and was sent straight to human hospital, diagnosed with Liver cancer and was dead 9 days later - so its all been really traumatic and very sad.

Some things of note - firstly, why is it that all the nicest humans die young? In memory of a fantastic chap - Bizzo - rest in peace.

Secondly, why are humans surprised when us dogs are so in tune with whats going on and give extra licks and cuddles to the right people at the right time? Haven't you sussed out yet that we are the far superior race and we just know what you guys need!

Finally, it is incredible how people can be so generous with their time and thoughts - so a big thank you to Margaret, Ivan, Jessie and Georgina for all their support to my humans during this difficult time - they were great - and they think I'm wonderful which is fine in my book!

To make amends for the lack of any real entries in May, Mum is going to try to sort out a forum for my blog - so now everyone can talk to us and each other...well that's the plan, but as she is not hugely technical we shall have to see if it works! Look out for it in June, I have faith that she will succeed even if she's not too sure.

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