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24/03/09 -
Well after being really good in February, Mum has been spectacularly rubbish this month at updating my blog. She has started a new business, 'cos marketing is really quiet and she can't afford mega dog treats and food. She is now a top scrubber, and has this great machine which steams everything - I don't like it much and peer through doorways when she's using it. Still, it buys my food but she has been totally exhausted as cleaning is much harder work than marketing so I'm told!

I have been out with my new mate Ozzie several times, and am trying to teach him how to flush phessie-wezzies...he's doing really well but is very energetic. I am definitely feeling my age (6 this year!). We shall try to get a photo of the two of us up the fields if Mum is able to lift the camera to her face and take it that is!!

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