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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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17/06/09 -
Rags meets Jilly CooperI've had a very exciting week so far, with the highlight being meeting Jilly Cooper - world famous author and self confessed dog lover. Unfortunately Mum forgot the camera and tried to take this picture on her phone. Not only is it totally out of focus but Dad had to get his pal JB at work to get the pictures off the phone and onto computer 'cos Mums rubbish with technology!

09/06/09 -
Cockers and cowsWe have found a new friend who lives down in sunny Cornwall - called Woody. I have to say that the picture he has sent quite impressed me as he is very close up and personnal with that cow. Mum and I got chased by a cow the other day and I've never seen her move so fast in my life. It turned out that this particular bullock was hand reared, so he just loves people - try telling Mum he's just being friendly as he careers down the hill at ninety miles an hour straight for us!

06/06/09 -
Wocking Cocker Tug-o-warOzzie has joined my forum and he came over to play today. Don't tell Dad but we played tug with his sock and accidently made a few air vents in it. Mum's going to hide the evidence in the bottom of the bin and hope he doesn't notice!

04/06/09 -
I am so excited - Ollie has joined our new forum! Mum has also done a fancy button which will always appear top right. Ollie was telling me all about Bear, another dog to avoid from the sound of it - I guess we are lovers not fighters eh Ollie!

03/06/09 -
We are experimenting with technology and think we have sorted out a dogblog forum - please do sign up and play - all feedback welcomed.

01/06/09 -
I am a wolf. Actually what I am is a really stupid working cocker who has now learnt his lesson big time...lets start at the beginning. There we were in the park playing ball and having a lovely time when a rather huge Bull Mastiff came over to say hello. Well everything was going just fine until he decided he wanted my ball. Now any sensible cocker would have rolled over and given in to his demands big style - did I do that? No - I decided that I'd tell him to back off my ball - which he took to mean he could eat me.

A puncture wound to my leg and a gash to my neck ensued - at one point he had me by the scruff of my neck and was shaking me violently from left to right - which seeing as I weigh some 17kg, is no mean feat. I did try to fight back - which I think Mum was secretly quite proud of, but was probably not the best thing to do. Luckily the two humans intervened and broke it up - but Uncle Shane (my vet) told Mum off for putting her hand in to grab its collar...easier said than done when your little darling is being soundly duffed up.

Any way, long story short, I am fine now and we are going to avoid said Mastiff in future.

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