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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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17/08/09 -
Tired and emotional working cocker spanielIt has now been over a week since the Daisy-May has come to stay and I am tired, fed up and have a doggie headache! She has taken to sleeping in my bed too! She has to go! Mum is being very careful to ensure we get quality time just the two of us, and yesterday we met up with Winnie to go around Toadsmoor which was great - a whole hour without the Westie. I hope Grandma recovers soon or I am definitely going to have to commit murder.

13/08/09 -
Devil dog Daisy May the WestieGrandma has had a fall and has been in hospital for a while, so Mum has brought Daisy-May (the devil dog) to come and stay with us until Grandma recovers. Don't be misled by the innocent expression in the picture lurking underneath is a tyrant who bites my ears! Luckily so far she has been too exhausted to do anything too naughty - Grandma only manages one short walk a day and here she is coming with me and I get four long walks a day!

06/08/09 -
Sister RaggsieRabbi RaggsieDad has been going through a phase of sticking things on my head and taking pictures (as these two demonstrate). However, I suspect that there was more to it than just a giggle, because he has also registered as a church Minister and there is a definite religious theme to all my headgear! I hope he doesn't expect me to volunteer as his doggie verger. Mum thinks it was a slow day at work and he came across some daft internet site that enrols you as a Minister and thought it would be a laugh to tell all his mates that he can now officially marry or bury them! (Either that or all that Cider has finally pickled his brains!!)

04/08/09 -
My mate Ollie has been catching rabbits - well done ol' chap. I don't understand why the humans get so hot under the collar about it either - I mean a rabbit in the mouth is definitely worth two in the bush! Must admit that the reason we do not go beating any more is that I have a tendency to catch things too...very frowned upon...but up the fields it doesn't matter so I can fill my boots.

Also, your idea about adding good walks to the site is excellent, but Mum needs to pull her finger out and plot one. It is underway as soon as this rain stops and we can get out there to record one.

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