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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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26/04/09 -
Action shotI have taken on the very arduous task of training a younger working cocker, namely Ozzie the 10 month old black mad hound. It's all very well you humans thinking you have the upper hand but only a dog can teach another dog about true dog skills. So we have been going out with Ozzie loads, and I have been showing off and enjoying playing top dog and guru. He follows me everywhere and is proving a great swimmer, although he hasn't quite got the knack of pheasie-wezzies yet. I am now super fit from all that haring about, you got Action Man, well meet Action Dog!

Coco the working cocker ladyfriendI also had a lovely birthday message from Coco - featured here on the Wirral Coastal Walk. She was rescued by her Mum and is doing really well - I quite fancy her.

P.S Has anyone else noticed that there are loads of ticks about at the moment?

14/04/09 -
I am totally exhausted and have blisters on my paws (well slight exaggeration but they certainly ache!). Aunty Katy and Uncle John came to stay for the weekend and we went on loads of walks. On the Friday Mum had to work, so the plan was for her to drop us all off at Toadsmoor, we then were to walk to Bisley and Mum would pick us all up from the Stirrup Cup when she finished - an hours walk at most, and it wasn't raining...no problem said Kate and John...of course they didn't really pay too much attention to the directions as they stupidly believed that I knew the way. Well I do know the way, but I also know when I can lead people a merry dance and get a nice long walk out of it! Stupid I am not!! So I took them the roundabout long way which involved steep climbs up banks and clambering over hedges (and a few gardens). We finally arrived at the pub two hours later and they were knackered...tee hee. I had a great time though - they can come and stay anytime.

05/04/09 -
Birthday boyIt was my birthday yesterday and I got loads of pressies and two long walks! I had a great day which started with a pressie from Mum and Dad and then Dad took me over the fields for a long tromp. I managed to roll in cow pooh so Mum had to give me a bit of a bath when we got home. Still I forgave her once Ozzie called round, and gave me some cracking presents and then we all went for a walk in the woods. Auntie Sophie and Joey called in later to give me another present - of the edible kind - my favourite! By the end of the day I was well and truly pooped and feeling every one of my six years!

Present from Ozzie and Jessie A great treat Great treat Working cockers doing what they do best

02/04/09 -
Working cocker swimming with friendsDog dynamics are a strange thing - as demonstrated the other morning on our regular walk around Toadsmoor. We bumped into my old pal Khan (half dalmation half lab) who somewhat adores me. I was definitely the gang leader, busy haring about like a looney and generally ignoring everyone else. Then we had Khan following me for all his worth, and bringing up the rear was Ozzie, who had taken a shine to Khan and was following him. We made quite a stunning little pack, and were all exhausted by the end of the walk. I did discover that the only way to get a break from the two of them was to take to the water - they were too chicken to follow but gave me a welcoming committee on the bank.

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