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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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24/11/08 -
We have had an extremely sociable weekend - which is unusual for Mum as she is a bit of an old fogey normally. Thursday night we went for dinner with Aunt Sal - plus 12 other humans and 19 dogs! Puppy Party time!! It was chaos and great fun - I spent most of the evening trying to bonk this cute little jack russell. Then Aunty Lou came to stay, which is always nice as she gives great cuddles. Finally the piece de resistance was dinner with Aunty Jools & Uncle Rim and my favourite scary girlfriend Winnie on Sunday. Have spent all day today snoring my head off curled up on Mums office chair...sure I'll recover soon.

17/11/08 -
Rags in oilMum went to a Women in Enterprise conference last week - I think it was a bit like me when I went to puppy training - lots of bottom sniffing and socialising! Anyway, it meant that I got to spend all day with Aunty Rebecca from Muddy Paws, so I was totally knackered out by the evening. I have also inspired Mums friend to be creative, and she has done this oil painting of me - well, I think it was Pooch Doodles portrait of me that got her inspired, but whose quibbling. We reckon this is pretty darn good, but then I am a gorgeous model!

07/11/08 -
I have had a very busy social calendar this week and made a few new friends. First there was Khan the labrador dalmation cross who we bumped into round Toadsmoor. He only talks to other spotty dogs, so I was right up his street, and we ran around the woods together for an hour or so, which was great fun.

Then Mums cousin Sally came for tea and brought two little squirts with her - a Bichon Frise and a Border Terrier...they ate my food, made themselves comfy on my chair and then - the worst sin of all - they got fuss from Mum. Well I wasn't letting that one go, so at 4a.m I licked Mums face frantically and made her take me up the field in her pyjamas. Of course there was no real reason for this, but Mum didn't know that and thought I was ill - revenge is sweet!

01/11/08 -
Raggsie banner advertIt's all been happening here, Mum has been like a small excited puppy. She commissioned Pooch Doodles to do a Raggsie portrait, which is shown here in all its glory. It has also led to a total dogblog re-design, which you may have spotted.

We love unconventional things, and Mum has been keeping an eye out for a while for something she could do of me which wasn't just bog standard or twee. The portrait is 3ft x 1.5ft and he can do even bigger - so it is going to take pride of place in the dining room. Mum was amazed at how well he has captured me - what a fantastic pressie for a dog lover. If you fancy getting one done, we also now have adverts on the side, and Pooch Doodles is at the top in pride of place - least we could do really - click on the advert to visit their site.

Hope you like our new look and features - Mum is going to talk to lots of pet supply companies to see if they will offer deals to you guys by way of coupons - the plan is that you go to the link and print off the page, then cut out the coupon you want and present it when you next make a purchase to get special offers etc - bargain!

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