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Keep abreast of the adventures of Rags - Acorn Marketings' Working Cocker Spaniel, via his very own DogBlog...

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23/12/08 -
What is it with you humans that you go so mad over one little baby in a manger and one day of the year? I mean, I'm not complaining or anything because several of those parcels under the tree have got my name on them - but really, it is all a bit of a mad panic isn't it! First I had the lecture from Dad that the tree was not for weeing on as it was connected to the electrics - and then I nearly disappeared under three ton of wrapping paper when Mum got to it and moved all the secret packages to their intended destination - under the aforementioned tree. Still - I hope you all have a fab Christmas, especially Rogue who sent me a lovely missive on the guestbook - enjoy yourself matie!

15/12/08 -
Doggie din-dinsHad a fab Sunday as we were invited to Aunty Sally's for dinner and it is like doggie heaven there. Not only were there loads of other dogs to play with - but we got to finish up the leftover beef too!! I am at a disadvantage though as being an only-dog I am not used to fighting for my food - you have to be everso quick when there are more of you to ensure a full tummy!!

05/12/08 -
Well it has already been a week and Mum has been so busy stuffing her face with the chocolate out of her advent calendar that she hasn't updated my blog - I think I may have to sack her if she doesn't pull her finger out!

Stirrup Cup BreakfastIt has been quite eventful, you could call it good, bad and downright ugly. For the good - I caught a rabbit and it took Mum half an hour standing in the freezing rain to persuade me to leave it. She had too much on that day to be cooking up rabbit for me apparently - still nice Xmas pressie for the foxes. The bad was that I met up with Toby on a walk and we had a bonking fest, which made me muddy all over and thus a bath resulted. For the ugly, well that has to be Mum after stuffing her face last Sunday having breakfast at the Stirrup Cup, her bottom is now so huge I can hardly fit on her chair any more! Mind you, she did let me share her sausages and black pudding, so perhaps I should be nicer to her really.


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